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Selorm Ameza: The Best Way To Push Volta Tourism Is To Use Volta Celebrities As Tourism Ambassadors To Sell Tourism Agenda

Gradually the knowledge and wisdom are worth what we all think we can generate more incomes, but we fail to make a possible way out. Renowned Tour guide Selorm Ameza had to share with us a piece of ideas: The best way to Push Volta Tourism is to use Volta celebrities as tourism ambassadors to sell tourism agenda.

(Sharing ideas for potential Tourism Investors)

The only sure way we can make people visit Volta is to lure them with goodies and exciting packages worth changing the narrative. And hanging out with your favorite celebrity is an exciting package. So the Government or anybody with huge investment can make these 8 Proud Celebrity Sons and Daughters of our Land who have achieved so much with their Talents be made Volta Tourism Ambassadors.

People would pay from 1,000 to 2,000 to go on a 2 day trip with any of these 8 celebs any day. You just have to give them an exciting package with fun activities and you would make your money.

And the Government or even the Volta Regional Minister can make the 8 Volta Region celebrities Tourism Ambassadors and see the magic happen.

John Dumelo and Fela Makafui are 2 awesome Actor/Actress we have with a nationwide appreciation of their Talents and a great way to sell Volta to Domestic Tourists. They both have so many fans who love their movies and would pay huge to go on a trip with them. Imagine an event headline like A TRIP TO VOLTA WITH THE GODDESS FELA MAKAFUI. Or say VOLTA TOUR WITH JOHN DUMELO.

Giovani Elolo Caleb and @MzGee are 2 of the on-air and on-screen Presenters currently bubbling at the moment. Giovanni and MzGee would sell Volta Tourism both on TV and Radio in the Capital since both run major shows on TV and Radio.Imagine an event headline like: TOUR OF VOLTA WITH DATE RUSH HOST GIOVANNI.

Edem Goget’em and @MzVee are two of our favorite Musicians and they also have a huge fan base who would pay good money to go on a trip to Volta.Imagine an event headline like; EDEMFEST ROAD TRIP THROUGH VOLTA

Elorm Beenie has a unique role to play to get Jamaican Artistes to come to buy properties in Ghana. The guy has already made trusted links with a lot of Jamaican Artistes working for them as their publicist.

So just imagine Elorm is empowered to go to Jamaica and lead a Tour for people to Repatriate back to Africa by first “paying” to visit and stay in the Volta Region in Ghana as they tour other regions.

Elorm is also perfect for a reggae/Dancehall tour. Imagine headline like: VOLTA MOUNTAINS REGGAE TOUR WITH ELORM BEENIE

Stonebwoy is the biggest Artiste from Ghana to hit the International stage and having him as a Tourism Ambassador for Volta would get us to easily convince the Blacks in the Diaspora and the Reggae/Dancehall fraternity to com see and settle in Volta. Just Imagine a touring headline like BHIMNATION VOLTA TOUR WITH STONEBWOY

Worlasi is our ticket to get the Blacks in the Diaspora to come to Africa because his music has a large international following and he uses Ewe to sing so him leading a Tour of Blacks from America or Britain to come to visit Volta like they make them visit Cape coast would be an easy thing for him to do.

He even has a song #Woezor which is basically welcoming the Blacks in the Diaspora home and also has a show

#Worlafest which a lot of expatriates love to attend. Listen to the #Woezor song by Worlasi as you meditate over these ideas and talk to investors. I don’t have the financial power or know anyone with the investment to support this idea but then I know something reading this post does. So invest in Volta Tourism now. I would also keep sharing ideas!




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