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‘Rooted’, Ms. Aba’s debut EP is out now

It’s only the start. Hard work and prayer combined. ‘Rooted’, Ms. Aba’s debut EP is out now on all streaming platforms. I pray it will help you through this though times and time into God’s version of peace, health and wholeness.

Available on:
And all other streaming platforms.
Link here @ms.aba

Augustina “MS.ABA” Austin is a multifaceted-entertainer: an award winning singer/songwriter, psalmist, former beauty queen, writer, broadcaster and communication strategist who is yet to innovate African music with a fresh sound called ‘Afrocentric Gospel’.

Started dancing at young age, she discovered her first love as a singer in her teens when she joined a gospel hip hop group at her local church in the Netherlands. MS.ABA knew then that she was born to make music and perform. Having joined an African gospel band afterwards, it took some time until 2011 where she decided to continue as a solo artist.

“My music is my way of showing a bit of what makes me a proud African. I and the producers I am working with have all grown up with African music and influences from other music genres. So this is a perfect collaboration,” MS.ABA shares.


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