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OnGod Clothing Line

Moses Mac-Blay readies to Outdoor his Clothing Line Merchandise – “OnGod”

Moses Mac-Blay readies to Outdoor a section of his clothing line, OnGod. Since the logo of the clothing lines was released, news of the clothing line has gone viral as many wonders about it using for there status and many more. 

When this brand was first introduced to the general public on the 5th of January 2019 whereby fans were allowed to vote the best logo out of the four that was introduced and the best or favorite logo was chosen out of the rest. The board set aside the days and want to make its loyal fans aware of it finally.

OnGod Clothing Line

There is definitely some level of mystery to this very interesting Logo Design by Salphi Creatives. The Young Entrepreneur / Entertainer explained that OnGod logo represents the heart of many who Trust In God, It comes in a different color in creatives.

OnGod Clothing Line

The Merchandise comes in different designs and style in quality and best of products to it consumers or customers, Eg:(T-shirts, jackets, Trousers etc) Bed sheet/spreads, Pillowcases, and anything fabric.

Speaking to Moses Mac-Blay One on One concerning his investment plan towards the brand he quit mention: “OnGod clothing line is a lifetime investment plan that will be distributed worldwide soon by the help of God but the brand is not fully out with its products I should say but we have planned ahead”.

Its said to have a mini launched on 6th and 7th March 2019, of the brand that will be introduced available in stock for the general public. And willfully be Launched in Aflao Volta Region and Tema- Greater Accra Region in a grand style in November.


To purchase any product from any of these new clothing lines, Kindly visit; You can also place your pre-orders online @Mosëś Błâÿ


Please note, all OnGod Clothing Line are exclusive and limited


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