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Meet “Mr. Candy Ghana”, A Ghanaian Born – Africa Amerian Entrepreneur Robbing Shoulders With International Greats

Meet “Mr. Candy Ghana”, A Ghanaian Born – Africa American Entrepreneur Robbing Shoulders With International Greats

In Ghana the month of March, we celebrate Independence Day March 6 every year. Independence Day is also a remembrance of the day that marks the declaration of Ghanaian independence from British colonial rule.

Meet “Mr. Candy Ghana”, A Ghanaian Born – Africa American Entrepreneur Robbing Shoulders With International Greats

Bola Ray with Mr. Candy Ghana….

The debilitating hiking of prices in our markets, shops and even in the hospitality industry has plummeted and collapsed several businesses and has continued to frustrate business owners nationwide.

The mere thought of starting a tradein Ghana has become a horrible nightmare to most of the Ghanaian youths for fear of not making back their money’s worth. Windingly, distributors have taken advantage of the Covid-19 spike to trade exorbitant rates with clients, screeching off their entrepreneurial energy.

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Though frustrating and tiring, we hope the story of Mr. Musah Trawill will be the reason why you do not give up your entrepreneurial dream no matter how struggling the journey may be.

Mr. Musah Trawill  Ghanaian born,  African American, entrepreneur, and business marketer who goes by the moniker, Mr. Candy Ghana. He is a multiple award-winning Founder of Sweet Mother Candy and Beyond Company Limited and  C.E.O Mr.Candy Ghana Company  (an upscale Confectionery business and Restaurant ), and currently manages a 25 years America distribution company in Chicago.

Owning and running these successful enterprises did not come on a silver platter. His vision was initially doubted by people, he thought would have encouraged him, his family and friends.

His vision was never shrieked as he had focus and a vision to become a better person of himself,  support  and impact people of all walks of life and to rob shoulders with the guru’s in the entrepreneurial industry locally and internationally.

Overcoming his darkest days, Mr. Trawill is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a CEO of businesses scattered across Ghana and the USA. His influence and success in his field of endeavour has seen him meet and shared stages with prominent people, locally and globally. The likes of Mr. Nathan Kwabena Adisi A.K.A Bola Ray  ( C.E.O of E.I.B NETWORK COMPANY,


, Hon, Joseph Owusu (First deputy speaker of parliament) 

Mr.Paa Kwasi Sam  – President of Ghana National Council of Chicago – U.S.A 

Baffour Adjei Bawuah – ( Ghana’s Ambassador to U.S.A 

Mr.Jeremiah Nkrumah – C.EO of  Diaspora Network T.V 

David Dontor – ( we will need to write his position in ghana ) 

Oliver Kamanzi ( Chairman  of Africa Global Chamber of Commerce)  also a partner of the wankada city project in Ghana , with his team member visted mr.Candy Ghana office 

Musician Ben Brako and his dear wife 

MR . Mohammed Adamu Ramadan – member of parliament of Ghana  for the Adenta Constituency

and a host of other prominent personalities through his years of business. 

Early this year 2021 , Mr. Musah Trawill  ,  executed a water well project in Adenta – Accra Ghana , in loving memory of his dear late Sister SHIFA VHORA –

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un – ( we belong to Allah and to him shall we return )  , May Allah grant  ( SHIFA VOHRA )  Jannatul Firdous Unconditional  , and all supported efforts , from parents as well as love ones , nationwide.

In 2020 , last year  , Mr. Musah Trawill  , ( Mr.Candy Ghana ) organized and gave back to the people of Adenta and Madina in Accra , Ghana – West Africa , giving out Free Food , Drinks , Water , Stationaries , school supplies , free mask , Hand Sanitizers , Holy Books, Payer Mats , Prayer Kettles , Toiletries Supplies , Personal Hygiene Supplies , Donated bags of building Cements to Mosque who are in Need , gave out lot of toys and x’mas gifts packs to community children and lot give away snice it one of his annual projects he does every year .

In 2018, he was called upon to give a speech at the African Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in Chicago where he spoke on how he commenced his professional career and consistently staying focused in the confectionery for over 12 years.

He helps run an NGO that seek to support the less privileged. He has over the years supported brilliant but needy students complete and attain higher heights in the educational fields by way of scholarships. He cloths, feeds, and shelter orphans and the less privileged.

Mr. Trawill’s aim is to inspire youth dominance in the world of entrepreneurship. His candy shop is currently the most visited shop in Ghana and one and only upscale confectionery business with lot of Sugar Free Candies , Chocolate , Gluten Free Candies , Health Snack and Nuts . Having the world’s favorite candies hauled in one store.

Mr. Candy Ghana’s intentions has never rested on only profits making but to lend a helping hand to starter’s, hence, offering a discounted offer to the youths, shop owners, hotels, Marts etc. who seek to start a business with his candies. To him, this is a better way to help support their dream.

The shop is located at 5/8 ANANA KOOTSE AVENUE, KPOTEKOPE-ADENTA MUNICIPALITY where he operates a restaurant as well , you can always type Mr. Candy Ghana on google map  and it will bring you to the location

His humanitarian and utmost business strategies have seen him win most international awards with the latest one’s being ‘THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (MVP) in Chicago in recognition of his outstanding and dedicating service to 21st Ward Community since 2015 till date. He also received an award by the Ghana National Council for his dedication and commitment to the firm.

His appreciative nature has seen him build a wall of fame in his office where he honors personalities he’s had business interactions with over the 12 years in his career .

Below are some of his achievements and awards he received in the early days of his career;

In the year 2014,  he was awarded Young Outstanding Youth in Ghana and in 2015 , he received the Ghana National Brand Icon award.  He his hard work continued in 2016  where he was awarded Africa Youth Entrepreneur of the year 2016.

He also received the National Youth Entrepreneur in Ghana in 2017. On June 03, 2018, Mr.Musah Trawill was featured in India’s UP WORDS MAGAZINE, on how his career started, July 12, 2018, he was a Panel speaker on the theme, Empowering youth, promoting , Investment In Technology, Agribusiness and Tourism at 2018 U.S.A – Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in University of Chicago – U.S.A

2018 Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was presented to Mr.Musah Trawill and on 21st January, 2019 from Howards B. Brookins Jr., 27th District State Representative Justin Slaughter and 4th District Cook County Commissioner – Stanley Moore , of Chicago in recognition of my outstanding & dedicated service to 21st Ward Community since 2015. “President’s Excellence Award,” was presented on Saturday, March 9, 2019 by The Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago (GNC) , during Ghana’s 62nd Independence Anniversary dinner in recognition of Mr. Candy Ghana’s dedication and commitment to the Ghana National Council.

Mr. Candy Ghana’s commitment to building a strong community both in Chicago and Ghana was acknowledged and commended, on September , 26th 2019 , Mr.Candy Ghana Founder received 2019 Excellence youth Award at the 2019 International Humanity Conference in University of Ghana – Accra.

With a citation capture – “You projected the image of the youth of this nation locally and internationally, your initiatives produced a lot of productive youth, you distinguished yourself as a true leader with humility, your personal charity projects have empowered and saved many young ones over the 10 years of your career. We appreciate and salute you, you are indeed a leader of our time, we say AYEEKO”, Also On November, 16th 2019 Mr Musah Trawill received an award for 2019 Diaspora Youth Achievement at Silver Star Towers Accra, during the 2019 Youth Excellence Awards, an African-American base in Chicago ( U.S.A )– Certified Entrepreneur and a Business Marketer.

Professional skills

He is a Brand Builder,Event Planner,C.E.O of Sweet Mother Candy & Beyond Company (An Upscale Confectionery Business ),C.E.O of Mr.Candy Ghana Company,Currently Manage a 25 Years America Distribution Company in Chicago. He is a Member of NCA of Washington D.C. – U.S.A, A Public Relation Officer Of Ghanaian Professionals of North America in Chicago and A Public Relation Officer of Haske Muslim Community in Chicago U.S.A, He is the Patron of Go Kurative Africa (GOKA) an N.G.O organization located in Ghana.


He is the first Ghanaian to Propose, Candy Studies on Creative Art to Ghana Education Service and was Approved to educate School children, reference on Mr.Candy Ghana Art and Craft at Candyland. He has helped in building many Companies brands, through Sales and Marketing. Over the years, Mr.Musah has compiled quite a distinguished list of Services and roles, he have been behind Setting Up, Decorating, Coordinating, Celebrities Events, Parties, with Creative ideas and Candy Displays around the World.


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